Pastor’s Aide

Pastor’s Aide Led By: Barbara Walden Email: Admin@sbcmoorestown.org MISSION STATEMENT: We support, encourage, and pray for the Pastor as he ministers to our Church Family and our community.


Praise Dance

Led By: Barbara Walden Email: bobiejeanw@gmail.com MISSION STATEMENT: We will worship and praise His Holy Name through interpretative dance. Let them praise his name in the dance: Let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel...

Missionary Circle2

Senior Missionary Circle

Led By: Rev. Marsha Harris Contact Email: marsha_missionary@yahoo.com MISSION STATEMENT: The Senior Missionary Circle of Second Baptist Church manages the mission affairs of the Church.  The Circle works with its affiliate associations – Bethany Baptist...


Men’s Fellowship

Men’s Fellowship Led By: Deacon Carlton Clark Email: cdcnj@comcast.net MISSION STATEMENT: To provide a forum in which men can discuss issues that affect them.  Encourage and empower men using Biblical principles to become servants of...

Male Chorus

Male Chorus

Male Chorus Led By: Brother Jeffrey Fisher Email: admin@sbcmoorestown.org MISSION STATEMENT: To show leadership as men in the Church, our goal is to let our singing bring our Church family together in Christian love...

sbc greeters1 (2)


Greeters Led by: Geraldine Reid Contact Email: Greeters@sbcmoorestown.church

Gospel-Senior Choir

Gospel/Senior Choir

Gospel/Senior Choir Led By: Elaine Joy Contact Email: elainejoy26@yahoo.com MISSION STATEMENT: The Gospel Chorus/Senior Choir of Second Baptist Church accepts the challenge and blessing of sharing the songs of Zion to uplift the Pastoral message.  We...


Trustee Board

Trustee Board Led By: Lawrence Watkins Contact Email: admin@sbcmoorestown.org MISSION STATEMENT: The Board of Trustees is charged by the Constitution of Second Baptist Church with the fiduciary responsibility to make sure that all funds...

van ministry 1

Van Ministry

Van Ministry Led By: Trustee Edward Moore Contact Email: ehm425@yahoo.com Contact Phone: 856-465-8141 Second Baptist Church, Moorestown NJ Van Ministry Guidelines As of 22 August 2013 Mission: The Van Ministry provides needed transportation to its...